Timeless Clothing That Will Always Remain Trendy

Contributed by Marie

The problem with fashion is it constantly changes, and while there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with the latest trend, it is impractical to spend too much money on stuff that could lose its appeal as soon as a craze comes in. If you want to upgrade your look and break the monotony of your wardrobe, always buy investment-worthy items that will always make you look sleek no matter what the latest trend may be.

Timeless Items That Are Worth Your Money

  • T-Shirt

It is versatile, and you can wear it in many ways. Use Plain shirts as it is or layer it with a cardigan or jacket, either way, it will look laid back yet fashion forward. There are two types of t-shirts the V-neck and Crew neck.  The V-neck can help elongate the neck and make them appear taller while the crew neck can make the body appear bulkier. To get the right shirt, always consider your height and body frame when you shop for T-shirts.

  • Polo Shirt

As simple as wearing polo shirts can help you pull off a preppy vibe even without trying. It has a very simple design, and it comes in different colors. You can save yourself the trouble of spending too much time looking for a killer outfit when you need to dress to impress by having at least two or more plain polo shirts in your closet.

  • Button-down Shirt

It is the perfect thing to wear in occasions where you need an outfit that is not too casual or too formal. Keep your top untucked and pair it with pants and snickers to achieve a smart-casual look. There is a possibility to overdress with the button-down shirt, so it’s crucial to choose the right jean and shoes.

  • Dress Shirt

Regardless if you wear it with a men’s suit or not, dress shirts will look stylish on its own. You can wear it in formal events or your workplace, so it’s a good idea to have it in your wardrobe. There are different colors for dress shirts, and it’s not necessary to stick with the plain whites. Solid colors or pastels are good options as long as you get the size right.

  • Converse

The footwear remains to be the shoe to beat! It is classic, cheap, durable and easy to match with casual or smart casual clothing. Converse has stood the test of time, and it managed to surpass the previous fashion trends without losing its glitter. You can buy one today and wear it a few years after and still look groovy.

  • Black Leather Shoes

Like the dress shirt, black shoes are the shoe of choice for occasions where dressing up is required. No shoe can pair better with suits than the black leather shoes so don’t hesitate to spend few bucks to buy it.

  • Aviator Shades

The Aviator shades from Ray-Ban is one of the most popular shades in the 1980’s until now. It is essential to have it in your collection of vintage and classy accessories. The high-quality sunglass will make you look good in retro all the time.

Here is the list of fashionable things that are worth every penny. Remember, you don’t need to break your bank to keep up with the latest trend. All you have to do is buy stuff that you can wear with confidence. Choose the right style, color and size and you always look attractive without fail!



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