Malaysia Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2023: Ken Research

The report titled “Malaysia Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2023 – By Medium (Desktop, Mobile), By Type (Search Ads, Social Media Ads, Video Ads, Banner Ads, Online Classifieds and others), By Sectors (FMCG, Entertainment & Media, BFSI, Automotive, Retail, Healthcare and others) and By Models (Cost Per Click, Cost Per Mile and Cost Per Action)”
Malaysia Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2023: Ken Research

The report titled “Malaysia Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2023 – By Medium (Desktop, Mobile), By Type (Search Ads, Social Media Ads, Video Ads, Banner Ads, Online Classifieds and others), By Sectors (FMCG, Entertainment & Media, BFSI, Automotive, Retail, Healthcare and others) and By Models (Cost Per Click, Cost Per Mile and Cost Per Action)” covers online advertising spent, market segmentation by medium of advertising (desktop and mobile), by type of advertising (search advertising, social advertising, video advertising, banner advertising, online classifieds and others), by sectors (FMCG, Entertainment & Media, BFSI, automotive, E-commerce/Retail, Healthcare and others), by models (Cost per Mile, Cost per Click and Cost per Action). The report also covers emerging growth drivers and trends, issues and challenges; customer pain points and decision making parameters and competitive landscape of players in the market with special focus on Omnicom, IPG Medibrands, Publicis, Dentsu, Group M  and others. The report also explores the digital customer profile in Malaysia, future outlook & projections along with analyst recommendation & macroeconomic variables highlighting the major opportunities & cautions to the reader.

The key target audience of the report would be various advertising agencies, advertising platforms, investors and others. This report will particularly help the readers to identify the ongoing trends in the industry and anticipated growth in the future depending upon changing industry dynamics in upcoming years.

Malaysia Online Advertising Market Summary

Market Overview: Traditional medium for advertisement has had a majority share in Malaysia owing to its early evolution along with the ease & expertise gained by the workforce over time. These include ads run primarily through television, radio and print media (newspaper and magazines) and out of home advertising. The fast and rapidly evolving pace of Information Technology has enabled online advertisement to become one of the most popular channels of communication in the country. Malaysia has strong supportive internet infrastructure including fast internet’s speed, user-friendliness, low cost and convenience offered which has contributed to the further development of online marketing industry. Malaysia Online Advertising Market is at the growth stage witnessing an intense competition amongst advertising agencies. With onset of internet & social media popularity, companies realized tremendous online viewership hence, transited towards the online mode ever since 2000’s. With the advent of digitization, companies have now realized the benefits of advertising online especially on Smartphones. The total number of internet users has increased considerably during the review period. The digital advertising landscape is developing at an astonishing pace as media proliferation and technology are together yielding newer ways of connecting with consumers. The market still lacks the right types of tools and performance metrics to measure the success of the campaign. Online advertising spent is expected to witness sound growth at a CAGR of around 29% during the revenue period 2013-2018.

Market Segmentation

By Medium (Desktop and Mobile)

Pictures and videos can make an online advertisements appear more eye-catching to the consumers. With the advent of video platforms like Netflix and Viu, there has been an increase in consumption of video content on Smartphones causing a shift of viewers from TV media. In the past, desktop dominated the market owing to better resolution of the advertisements and bigger screen. Additionally, with increased affordability, the ease of carrying and the internet accessibility of smart phones have caused a shift in the medium of operation of internet. Although the country still lags in the affordability of Internet plans, there is rapid increase in smart phone penetration in the country. Mobile advertising is now preferred by Advertisers and have led the market share in 2018.

By Sectors/Industries (FMCG, Healthcare, Entertainment & Media, Automotive, BFSI and Others)

Retail E-commerce is the top sector which spends ample budget on digital advertising owing to the need to target specific customers followed by the Travel which has a significant share in online advertisement spending in the country owing to increasing awareness by government to promote tourism in country. FMCG also saw an increase in advertising spend due to the increase in number of international brands in the market and their need to maintain a higher visibility. Healthcare sector is coming up with innovative medical services and need to raise awareness among consumers and is growing slow owing to the restrictions on advertising in the sector. Automotive and Banking services also accounted for a considerable market share in the digital advertising market spending in Malaysia.

By Pricing Models (Cost per Mile (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC) & Cost per Action (CPA)

The CPC model was being widely used by publishers in Malaysia. The CPA model is going to overtake the CPC model with the steady growth of social media ads & video ads as new players are entering the market preferring CPA. The model converts leads into sales and is highly result driven. On the other hand, CPM is considered to be a medium just to spread awareness and hence has a considerable share in 2018.

By Types of Advertising (Banner, Video, Search, Social Media and Online Classified & Others Advertising)

Among the five types of digital advertising, social media ads have gathered the maximum market share in 2018 due to the higher usage of social media for the various activities. In social media, Facebook accounts for the maximum user penetration followed by Instagram, YouTube, and Google. Search media advertising ranks second due to the increasing e commerce in the country where Malaysians prefer to search before they buy. Video advertising has gradually increased in the last five years whereas banner and online classified advertising have seen a slight decline in this period in terms of relative share.

Competitive Landscape: Companies in Malaysia have been introducing innovative methods of capturing their target audience while the old firms are expanding their foothold into this space with the help of the existing data they possess. Companies compete on the basis of promotion strategies, their networking, major clientele and the platforms used for digital advertising. Some of the major players operating within this segment include Omnicom, IPG Medibrands, Publicis, Dentsu, Group M and others. Major platforms with majority of the share in the market are Google and Facebook, followed by LinkedIn, Snapchat and other platforms. The market is fragmented for advertising agencies while it is highly concentrated for platforms on the basis of ad spent in 2018. Pricing, brand value as well as advertising strategies adopted by a particular company are considered as of high importance in order to reach a wider target audience in the country.

Malaysia Online Advertising Market Future Outlook

It has been analyzed that pictures & videos in the multimedia would continue to have strong influence to form favorable stance towards brand and purchase intention of customers in the next 5 years. This would make advertisers invest higher on online advertisements. Malaysia online advertising market is forecasted to witness a CAGR (2018-2023) of close to 20% due to the lack of expertise and skills among the agencies.

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