How .com gave Fanzart a Voice, a Persona and eventually, a Brand Name

Tarun Lala, 
Executive Director,

This is a story about fans. Fans that aid air-circulation and aren’t paid much attention. Only this time, we decided to make a business out of getting people to pay attention to our designer fans. Our company Fanzart, makes designer fans for designer homes, and is headquartered in Bangalore.


In a short span of six years, Fanzart has become the proven leader in its product category with its aesthetic creations. All credit goes to our strategic decision to go online with a .com domain for the business, in a bid to reach out to customers. We focus on innovative design and technology, and offer exceptional quality products to customers.  Our exquisite range of luxury designs embody elegance, grace and funk, adding appeal to any surrounding and creating an ambience, while serving the purpose of utility.


From the very beginning, our prime focus has been customer experience, and this, not just in terms of product. In the digitally-connected world we live in, there are multiple customer touch points and easy accessibility to ever-increasing choices. With many domestic and international competitors entering the market, customers have a wide variety of options available for the product they require. Today, customers are looking for a personalized shopping experience online.


How Fanzart Got Its Start


It all began with a small idea that sparked six years ago. My parents were on a visit to San Diego, USA and on one of those usual shopping sprees, they noticed a beautifully designed, luxury brand, outdoor fan in a store. Back in India, while renovating their home in our hometown Bangalore, they went on the lookout for some aesthetically designed indoor ceiling fans. Disappointed with their inability to find a perfect fit to go with the ambience of their home–something artistic and functional – they decided to make it their business to help people like themselves find designer luxury fans, tuned to their needs. That’s where the journey all started.


Our business proposition was fairly simple – Fans were a niche product in the Indian market space, and we thought we could build it up into a full-blown product category business. Was there anybody in this kind of business in India back then? None at all. Fanzart was one of a kind!


Fanzart’s .com Business Strategy


Our business strategy was three pronged – having offline stores, collaboration with designers, architects and hoteliers; and most importantly, being online. I realized earlier on that the internet was paramount to establishing any business, especially a small scale business or start-up like ours. From catching the right attention, to having a wide reach, to building credibility, it was an important tool to increasing presence and reaching a wider target audience.


An added advantage of going online is that the internet is a level playing field, and there are no boundaries to defining markets. The online medium backed our business up from discovery to call-to-action to building trust with our customers after we chose to go with a .com domain name in the year 2012.

We were also thinking about customer acquisition and retention strategies. Having a professional brand website was an important marketing tool that brought tangibility to the business. Going digital and adopting a .com domain enabled us to make targeted and personalized engagements with customers. While on the path to enhancing customer experience, Fanzart was able to delight customers, retain them and making them brand advocates.

Fanzart’s Future Course


While the brand website has been clicking and getting all the attention, is gearing up to handle online purchase transactions as well. For now, our products are sold on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart and the like. Though we do own a flagship retail store in Bangalore, our franchise partners support product sales pan India, providing 100% customer satisfaction. The future will see the main website having a separate shopping branch, for all purchase related transactions.

I believe strongly that all small businesses stand to benefit from investing in a website. If there is one piece of advice I would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs it would be to jump onto the .com bandwagon and have an online presence. Not only is an online presence a call to action for any business, it is the easiest and cheapest way of spreading awareness.


Companies such as ours – big on consumer experience – are increasingly adopting the internet as a core to their consumer experience approach, and utilizing domain names such as .com to fuel better decision making, activation and direct engagement.





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