Artificial Intelligence And Evolution Of Affiliate Marketing

Neha Kulwal

Neha Kulwal,CEO, Admitad India

One can’t underestimate the power of ‘human touch’ even in such dynamic seller – customer relations that prevail today. Even on ecommerce websites, the good old “I bought it and it was great” still influences purchasing habits. Little reviews help build trust and faith in the buyers’ heart and affiliate marketing aims to do the same thing.  Affiliate marketers seek to establish a relationship with their demographic to get them to buy through their codes. The more the trust, the higher the sale.

For this trust building, marketers need to understand their target audience and should be able to successfully engage with them. For this, data analysing is of utmost importance as through it one can predict future trends of the market and strategize to capitalize on them. However, the process of compiling and analysing data manually can take hours upon hours and can still be privy to human errors. But, what if marketers could teach a machine how todo this process in a way that it is quicker and error free? This is where AI steps in.

Unlike the popular trope in Hollywood movies, the machines aren’t quite ready to take over but they however are ready to help us, especially affiliate marketers. Automation and use of AI in data compilation and analysing in affiliate marketing will substantially cut the risk of misinterpretation of data bringing it down to zero and give marketers a better insight on the behavior of the consumer and visitors. Automation will make things consistent, quicker, economic and efficient while giving high quality results, helping the marketers achieve their goals more enthusiastically.

The threat that the advent of AI in marketing would push out and replace managers isn’t even viable. AI can only mimic human cognition, learn what is taught and then repeat and perform with much swiftness and accuracy. It aims to solve problems logically and learn. With AI working on the data, managers actually will benefit as they need only work on the results provided and employ their creative skills in making strategies and trying to increase their credit. Not only those, AI can optimize SEO and help garner more organic traffic. AI search is a command driven search and will provide results with recommendations considering the user’s history, purchasing habits and behavior in complement to the actual thing being searched. This goes beyond the traditional search based results and nudge the user towards links that will benefit the affiliates. Voice search which accounts for almost 1/5th of mobile searches, is another way to achieve that.

And since without great ‘affiliation’ with the target audience, affiliate marketing cannot prosper, incorporation of AI Chat bots by marketers on their websites is a huge step towards not only engagement of the visitor and helping him with queries but also provide a pseudo human touch.

Just like terminator predicted, the rise of (marketing) machines will happen creating a robust, competitive and flourishing digital market. The arena of AI and machine learning is a ripe one for marketers who wish to push the envelope and give and get better and more accurate results.

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