Airfares skyrocket as festive season approaches

Those planning to travel back home during the September-October period will have to bear the brunt of much higher airfare, as airlines have increased their fares by 30-80 percent on the busiest routes in India.

According to a report by the Financial Express, the six busiest routes in India, which account for over 70 percent of total passengers traveling by air each month, have seen targeted hikes in airfare.

The approaching festive season starts late September with Durga Puja and comes to an end with Diwali on October 19.

According to FE, which accessed online ticket-booking platform Ixigo, the average cost of a flight traveling between metro cities has increased by double digits in percentage terms. The hike is “highest in recent years”, the newspaper reported.

Typically, hikes in airfare take price of jet fuel into account as fuel cost is around 40 percent of the whole operating cost of an airline. But the price of jet fuel is currently around 10 percent lower than what it was in January.

The average fares on the busiest of the metro routes— Delhi-Mumbai—were increased by as much as 55 percent YoY to Rs 4,539 for a one-way trip.

While a night flight from Mumbai to Kolkata on September 30, a Saturday, costs something between Rs 6000-7000 for most no-frills airlines, cost of night flights on the same route on September 9, another Saturday, starts from Rs 4,386 (IndiGo), according to prices listed on booking platform MakeMyTrip on Thursday.

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